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MedEdits Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

How to get off a medical school waitlist
medical school admissions consulting


More and more medical schools are offering waitlist decisions to students rather than acceptances.



If you're at a medical school interview and you know communications are encouraged send a letter of intent.




Nov 22, 2019


It is important to provide medical schools with more evidence that you are an excellent candidate. What can you do to try to get more medical school interviews and to convince a medical school that you are a great candidate?  



The first thing you can do is you can send a medical school update...

Nov 1, 2019

Dr Jessica Freedman discusses the fundamentals of writing a medical school personal statement and provides medical school personal statement examples on how to write a good medical school personal statement


How To: Master The Med School Personal Statement


Your medical school personal statement is a crucial...